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The bright blue sky is very beautiful
I feel like my other self is there waiting for me
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22nd-Aug-2020 07:55 pm - How's My Driving?
Okay, guys, this is where you tell me what you think about the way I play Misuzu Kamio from Air. Do you love her? Like her? Hate her? Do I need to improve somewhere? Then, please let me know. I love playing this particular muse and I would love all kinds of feedback and crit you may offer. If it's just grammar and/or spelling issues, then you can also leave a comment about it here.

The only thing I ask is: Do not use this HMD to bash or flame the way I play this character because that is not considered criting, but being a bully.

Anon and Screening is ON.
IP Logging is OFF.

And if you need to contact me in anyway, then just ask here and I will give you ways to speak to me. However, please be unanon if you are asking for that type of information. I'm always up for plotting and whatnot.
☀ Curious
21st-Sep-2011 08:06 pm - Dream 2 [Video]
[The feed will be turned on to reveal a young girl on the screen. She seemed to be sitting outside her coft. Okay, Misuzu. It is time to do your breathing exercises, again. Breath, breath, breath, and just relax. Her eyes are closed, and a hand was on top of her chest. Clearly, she was still a little nervous talking to so many people.

Once she open her eyes, it won't be long until she realizes the device was already recording, which will get a very surprised flushed Misuzu.]

Oh! Ahhh!

[So much blushing, how embarrassing, she still hasn't gotten used to the device entirely. An embarrassed smile will find a way to her lips.]

Nihaa. The device really caught me off guard. I wasn't expecting it to be on, already. Sorry.

[Hopefully, her reaction doesn't scare off potential friends.]

Umm...I have a few questions to ask about what happened a few days ago. [How to explain it?] ...I'm not sure if everyone is used to this sort of thing, but what happened? Did someone really sparkled magic on us? Was it all a dream? Why were we kids and now we're big again? [Realizing she has asked so many questions, she'll give the camera a nervous smile.] Any sort of explanation will be helpful. I really do have a lot of questions to ask.
☀ Nervous
24th-Aug-2011 08:07 pm - Dream 1 [Audio/Drawing]
[The screen will be dark in every handheld device, faint button pressing sounds will be heard, but it won't take long for a distant voice to speak.]

Oh! It's finally on! Niha!


Hmmm. What should I say first? If I was able to turn it on, then maybe there is someone listening. Oh, yeah! I also found a pencil along with this phone. Wonder if I could use it to draw on this thing. I think it might be helpful in finding Mom and Yukito-san. Yeah! I should give it a try.

[Again, it grows silent, but the screen will turn on with two images being sent to everyone.]

Good afternoon. My name is Misuzu, Kamio Misuzu. Umm...I think I'm lost. This place doesn't look familiar. It has a temple just like the one back home, but it's really different too. Can someone please tell me where I am? Also, I am looking for two people -- Yukito-san and my Mom. Have you seen anyone like the ones on the pictures? Because that's them. Niha. At least, they sorta look like that.

Thank you for your time. I hope to hear from anyone soon. I'm starting to feel a little lonely.

[And the feed is turned off.]
☀ Wait
19th-Aug-2011 05:33 pm - Misuzu app
Player Name: Rain
Player LJ: skykey
Contact: |Skype - rainfalldream; AIM - rainfalldream; Plurk - chibibunny|
Character Number: 1

The rest of the tl;dr application is here!Collapse )
☀ V/Confident
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