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Dream 1 [Audio/Drawing]

[The screen will be dark in every handheld device, faint button pressing sounds will be heard, but it won't take long for a distant voice to speak.]

Oh! It's finally on! Niha!


Hmmm. What should I say first? If I was able to turn it on, then maybe there is someone listening. Oh, yeah! I also found a pencil along with this phone. Wonder if I could use it to draw on this thing. I think it might be helpful in finding Mom and Yukito-san. Yeah! I should give it a try.

[Again, it grows silent, but the screen will turn on with two images being sent to everyone.]

Good afternoon. My name is Misuzu, Kamio Misuzu. Umm...I think I'm lost. This place doesn't look familiar. It has a temple just like the one back home, but it's really different too. Can someone please tell me where I am? Also, I am looking for two people -- Yukito-san and my Mom. Have you seen anyone like the ones on the pictures? Because that's them. Niha. At least, they sorta look like that.

Thank you for your time. I hope to hear from anyone soon. I'm starting to feel a little lonely.

[And the feed is turned off.]
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