⊹⊱⋛⋋Misuzu Kamio⋌⋚⊰⊹ --- AIR (looksfordreams) wrote,
⊹⊱⋛⋋Misuzu Kamio⋌⋚⊰⊹ --- AIR

How's My Driving?

Okay, guys, this is where you tell me what you think about the way I play Misuzu Kamio from Air. Do you love her? Like her? Hate her? Do I need to improve somewhere? Then, please let me know. I love playing this particular muse and I would love all kinds of feedback and crit you may offer. If it's just grammar and/or spelling issues, then you can also leave a comment about it here.

The only thing I ask is: Do not use this HMD to bash or flame the way I play this character because that is not considered criting, but being a bully.

Anon and Screening is ON.
IP Logging is OFF.

And if you need to contact me in anyway, then just ask here and I will give you ways to speak to me. However, please be unanon if you are asking for that type of information. I'm always up for plotting and whatnot.
Tags: hmd, ooc
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