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Player Name: Rain
Player LJ: skykey
Contact: |Skype - rainfalldream; AIM - rainfalldream; Plurk - chibibunny|
Character Number: 1

Character: Misuzu Kamio
Fandom: Air (anime version)

A first impression is something everyone tries hard to achieve, especially leaving a lasting impression. Misuzu Kamio is no different. She is the type of girl, who tries hard to create a great first impression because it is the first step in creating friendships. Friendship is a very important thing to her. It is as important as her love for the sky and dinosaurs. She is always working hard in trying to create a connection with other people, due to her disease always holding her back. Her illness doesn't have a known name, but it is classified as psychological. Whenever Misuzu feels she is about to make a friend, she begins to cry hysterically over it, and won't stop until the cause of her trigger leaves her alone. It is something Misuzu cannot easily control and has tried to in the beginning, but it isn't impossible, either. After she meets Yukito, Misuzu has been using her sheer force of will and her strong desire to make friends to hold back the tears, she was able to do it to the point Haruko believed wholeheartedly Misuzu was getting better. Misuzu's wish to be seen as a normal girl to Yukito's eyes was strong enough to hold back her tears as long as she could. I like to believe it wasn't only her will and strong desire for friendship that kept her from crying, but she tried not to think about him as a friend, either. Yes, she does announce in the very first episode the two were friends, but she never once says the word afterwards. In episode 4, when Yukito points out Kano, another girl from her school, was also her friend, Misuzu quickly changed the subject about her dream instead. As long as Misuzu doesn't think about the idea of friendship, then it'll be easier to have some control over it. Because the only person she never cries around is Haruko and her existence is important to Misuzu, but their relationship is even more complicated to explain.

At the surface, Misuzu is a bright young girl with a very cheerful demeanor, she always has a friendly smile on her lips, and does everything in her power to help others. When she first encounters Yukito, she was standing next to him at the seawall surrounded by seagull feathers and the sun was illuminating on her which gave a heavenly glow to her. At least, that is what Yukito saw, but in reality the pose was really done by accident. She wanted to greet him normally, but he quickly woke up screaming and scaring the seagulls, that were on top of him,, Misuzu was also startled by the commotion, so got in the position to calm her nerves and regain her confidence again. Her curiosity is another trait easily seen in her due to her childlike nature. She is very curious about the world around her. Sometimes her curiosity can get the best of her and turn her a bit impulsive, as well. Haruko also describes Misuzu as the type to literally jump after anything interesting, no matter what it is. A good example would be her interest in Yukito and how she literally follows after him because she wanted to play with him at the beach. Her kindness to help others is another good but dangerous trait, as well. Without knowing Yukito's name or anything about him, Misuzu offers to help search for his lost puppet and even goes as far as suggesting him to stay at her house, and convinces her mother to let him stay after she rejected the idea the first time. Her impulsive, curious, and helpful nature is as dangerous as her honesty. She will always answer any and all questions truthfully without a second thought. Misuzu revealed her intentions towards Yukito without trying to hide it, she even told him about her family situation, and even went as far as describe her own mother as being sloppy due to her lifestyle and personality. As long as you ask her a question, she will answer honestly at all times almost like a child would. She is very playful, as well. Always wanting to play all sorts of different games alone or in a group. Misuzu is the type to enjoy life and want to have as much fun as possible. Of course, she isn't always playful, either. Misuzu is responsible. She knows how to cook and clean, does her homework before playing, and is in charge of the things her mother doesn't take care of. She tries her best to be as useful as she can to her mother to become less of a burden to her. Even though, she is very responsible, Haruko, her mother, doesn't trust her on her own because of her childish personality.

Misuzu is seen at times as someone carefree and very happy. Almost to the point as seen and sometimes treated as a little girl. Her room is filled with all types of dinosaur merchandise and stuff animals. She loves to play card games, as well. In episode 2, Misuzu clearly pointed out the stuff toy Sloth was very cute, then later on when Yukito encounters a little girl with the same bright and cheerful demeanor as Misuzu, calls her "mini-Misuzu" due to her love for the Sloth and personality. In the same episode when Misuzu was getting tired, Haruko offered her lap to sleep on, and the way Misuzu said her good nights to the toy Sloth, as well. She even gets better along with other children, as well. But, even though, she acts and sometimes is seen as someone younger for her age, Misuzu doesn't like to treated as a little girl, either. When Haruko offered her lap for Misuzu to sleep on, she quickly rejects the offer, then goes to bed on her own. It is enough to know the young girl doesn't like to be treated as a kid, even when she acts like one. In episode 1 of the anime, the way she explains the reason in wanting to play with Yukito, it was all seen as childish by how the idea was inspired from watching little kids playing at the beach. She event acted out the various activities they would do like running at the beach, splashing water, then saying good-bye by waving her hand. Her desire to play with someone and make friends show not only her childish nature, but how innocent she can be. She won't hold back in taking any chance to play any sort of game because in another episode she was testing Yukito's abilities to hold back when she announces all of the disasters happening to her in the kitchen, then gave him a V sign after he angrily called her. Also, she can be very clumsy, as well. She always falls face first into the ground whenever she runs around too quickly, but she always gets on her feet with a smile afterwards. Although, sometimes when she gets frustrated or isn't sure what to do, she says "Gao". Haruko explained how Misuzu's love for dinosaurs inspired her to say the word whenever she feels uneasy, a habit her mother is trying to get rid of, but hasn't been successful in. But whenever Misuzu is happy, proud of herself, and feels she accomplished something important, she extends her hand and gives a "V!" or peace sign. Those traits do make her seem like a little kid, but they also add to her girlish charm.

She loves dinosaurs with a passion and knows almost everything about them. Misuzu describes them as something "romantic" just like the sky. Her love for the sky can be easily rivaled for her love for dinosaurs. Everything Misuzu owns in toys and merchandise always has some sort of connection to dinosaurs or the sky. The way she speaks about either subject is not only seen as passionate, but deep, as well. Almost like she can see things deeply than most people. But her connection and love for the sky can be connected to her past life as Kannabi no Mikoto, who was a winged-being, but Misuzu doesn't know about the connection yet. She just loves the sky and knows she has a connection to it, but doesn't know the reason behind it. Polite is another way to describe Misuzu, as well. She is always found to be polite towards other people and was raised to keep out of trouble by her parents. Misuzu doesn't usually ask for anything and if she does, then she looks guilty for even asking. That is why Misuzu tries to keep her requests towards Yukito than her own mother. She doesn't want to be a burden for Haruko because of how she was forced to live with the other women. So, Misuzu and Haruko literally live separate lives due to Misuzu's fears of being a burden to her. Her guilt feelings about it makes her hide tiny facts about herself. Like her birthday, for example. Yukito doesn't realize it was Misuzu's birthday until she accidentally reveals it. Misuzu doesn't like the life she was living before Yukito because it was lonesome. Haruko leaves early to work and returns after Misuzu is back in bed. At school, she is ignored and shunned by her classmates due to her illness, so she is always found playing by herself or gazing at the sky in her favorite spot after school. Most of the time, Misuzu collects weird juices and plays card by herself. Even though, she can be seen as someone with a sad life, Misuzu is always optimistic and moves forward with a bright smile on her lips, she always plans other ways to cheer herself up by doing something she loves to do like draw in her picture diary. Her optimistic feelings is what helps her become strong and to move forward. Although, her desperation to have friends makes her act impulsively, but it also helps her not to leave things as they are and tries hard to reach towards her goals.

Even though, Misuzu is very social and outgoing around Yukito, she is actually quite shy around other people. Before she can do anything like introduce herself, she takes the time to take a deep breath and gives herself pep talks before finally having the confidence to utter a word. Once she gets the first few words out, then she is able to speak, even if she sounds nervous and a bit awkward over it. It's easy to tell how shy she can be whenever she is surrounded by other people, she usually doesn't talk until she feels comfortable enough to. However, it doesn't matter how shy and awkward she feels around others, she worries about other people's safety, as well. The episode where Yukito and Misuzu find Kano wandering to the temple, when she was being possessed by a spirit, Misuzu ran after her along with Yukito without a second though. Most of the time she doesn't think over her decisions, at all. She reacts first, then thinks later. That's why she is able to protect those she cherishes the most. When Kano attacked Yukito, it didn't take long for Misuzu to throw herself at the other girl until he was freed, and when Kano's older sister tried to attack him with a sharp object, she got in the way to protect him without a second thought. Her observation skills are easy to notice because Misuzu is the only person who can read Yukito whenever he isn't feeling like himself. In the beginning, she knew Yukito didn't want to play with her by just looking at him, but it didn't stop her from trying to get closer to him. Then during episode 3, Misuzu could tell Yukito wasn't acting like himself by just taking one look at him, and without him telling her, she knew he was worried about Kano and what they saw. Even though, Yukito brushed her worries away, she can still tell he wasn't being honest about it. Again, she notices his frustrations during episode 5 when she questions him about it; even though he changes the subject, she continues to worry about him. Her relationship with Yukito is very special. He is the only one that makes her feel strong and comfortable to talk to. She even tells Yukito about the strange dreams she begins to have of her past life as Kanna. He is the only one she tells him about because of his request not to tell anyone else about it. Not only did she listen to his request, but his other request about always smiling around him. His existence is very important to her in more ways than one.

There is a lot of evidence that suggest Misuzu being the reincarnation of Kanna, the last winged-being. The curse the monks cast on Kanna, and the curse cast on Kanna's mother has transferred over to Misuzu. One curse is causing her to have dreams of her past life, which is slowly and painfully killing her. Along with her illness, it adds to the monk's wishes for Kanna to remain unhappy even in her second life. Not only that, but in episode 4, the mysterious white feather hidden in the temple activated after Misuzu believed Kano tried to fly to the sky from the temple. It isn't explained how she activated it, but it does subtly hint that Misuzu's words did activate it's existence and power. Misuzu also believes in curses and magic, and it was easy to tell when she asks Kano's older sister if Kano was cursed due to the feather. Then later on, Misuzu tells Yukito that she felt a strange feeling when she saw the feather, if it has anything to do with her connection with Kanna, it's unknown. But even so, the connection is still there or she wouldn't be feeling Kanna's pain as she continues to further dream about the past. Yukito is also connected to Misuzu due to their past life together, which neither one knows about until later on.

In conclusion, Misuzu Kamio is a character with different layers, but overall she is a sweet, friendly, and optimistic young women, who only wants to have a fun summer and make as many friends as she can. Even though she is sick with a mysterious illness, she never gives up and continues to move forward. She might be shy and awkward around strangers, but she always worries about the people around her. Her dedication to her friends is exceptional because she will always be there to protect them. Her impulsive, curious, and persistence makes her a handful, but she does things with good intentions.
History: http://myanimelist.net/character/188/Misuzu_Kamio || http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Air_characters

There isn't much to tell about Misuzu, but her history is longer than what most wiki pages have, so I would like to add a little more to her past that is described by both Haruko and Misuzu in the anime.

Before she began to live with her aunt, Haruko Kamio, Misuzu was born to a normal family. At the time her parents were not married, so she was born out of wedlock. Haruko describes Misuzu's birth as an "accident" because it wasn't her parents intention to have children. Her birth caused many disputes between the families. It is hinted in the show that her parents were poor because Misuzu was raised to be the kind of child that won't cause any trouble to anyone. When her mother died when she was five, Misuzu's father could not support his daughter due to money and her health issues, so he left his daughter under Haruko Kamio's care. At the beginning, Haruko did not care for Misuzu and believed her father would return any day, but he never returned to pick her up and she lost all contact with him.

Misuzu and Haruko did not hit it off right away due to Misuzu's fears of becoming a bother to her aunt while her aunt was awkward around children especially one like Misuzu. It isn't known when Misuzu became sick. However, Haruko did take her to all sorts of clinics and hospitals, in hopes, of finding a cure to it, but the doctors could not find it nor the source of it, as well. They believed her outbursts are a psychological problem and Misuzu would outgrow them. Haruko believed and hoped she would get better, so she began to watch over her niece. Misuzu continued to live a solitary life, apart from Haruko's, she even learned how to become more independent by learning how to cook and clean. Haruko isn't good at neither cooking and cleaning, so the house was always a mess until Misuzu decided to do it herself as a way to prove to be less of a problem. The two did grow a bit closer, but Haruko was worried about getting too close due to Misuzu's illness, she didn't want to trigger it.

Nobody knows when Misuzu's love of dinosaurs began, but Haruko does remember the day Misuzu adopted to say the word "Gao" was during a summer festival when she was still a little girl. Misuzu found a stable full of baby chicks, she began to talk to them by saying "Gao, gao!", believing the chicks would grow into dinosaurs someday. It was the only time Misuzu asked with guilty eyes that she wanted one, but Haruko couldn't afford one at the time. It's said by Haruko that after the summer festival Misuzu began to say the word "Gao" whenever she felt frustrated or disappointed, but she didn't begin to correct the bad habit until she began high school.

Misuzu's school life isn't much of a mystery, either. She always ended up in summer school due to her illness causing her to miss many classes. And due to her illness of crying hysterically whenever someone gets too close, all of Misuzu's classmates shun and ignore her, so she is always found alone playing cards. However, Misuzu collects weird juices, dinosaur merchandise, and admires the sky in her favorite seawall to keep herself busy, as well. No one knows when Misuzu's connection with the sky began. She has, however, admitted of taking her time to gaze at the sky every single day after classes were over for the day. At the time, Misuzu isn't sure the reason behind her love of the sky, but she does believe that it's connected to her somehow.

Before meeting Yukito, Misuzu has tried hard to make friends before summer classes began because it's her dream to go to the beach, play card games, and do all sorts of fun activities with a friend. She's always wanted a summer to never forget, but hasn't been able to due to her illness. It isn't after she meets Yukito, where she decides to give it one more time for her perfect summer, so she does everything in her power to become friends with him. He doesn't go along with her plan at first, but he does create a special bond with her. Yukito is the only one to know more about Misuzu, help her try to create new friendships with others, take her on all sort of mysterious adventures, and tells him about her mysterious dreams. Misuzu learns a bit about Yukito, as well, she learns about his goal to find the girl in the sky, his magical ability to control puppets, and even learns how to read his emotions, as well. They create a strong bond until the day Misuzu couldn't hold her tears any longer and cried hysterically in front of him, forcing him to leave the house, in hopes, he won't trigger her illness again. It is after those events, Yukito realizes Haruko isn't Misuzu's mother, more about her dark past, and how she thinks, as well. Sadly, it doesn't convince him to return, but he continues to take her to and from school.
Timeline: Episode 5, after he drops her off home from school.

Misuzu is a normal girl without any special magical abilities; even though, she is the reincarnation of Kannabi no Mikoto, a winged-being. Even so, her connection to Kanna is hinted in episode 4, where her question activates the power of the mysterious white feather hidden in the temple. It isn't explained why the feather began to glow at that precise moment, but it's explained later on in the series how Kanna's white feathers were dropped all parts of Japan before reincarnating into Misuzu.

Her dreams of flying, going back to the past, and seeing the last moments of Kanna's life aren't an ability, but are part of the curse the monks placed on Kanna along with her mother's own cursed which transferred to Misuzu. She feels more and more intense pain on her back after she has a new dream every night. Also, the illness where she begins to cry is also part of the same curse.

All in all Misuzu is a normal girl without any special abilities, but she is a cursed child due to her connection with Kanna.
Inventory: She'll have a few things taken to the game with her: her backpack, 2 notebooks, math and composition book, a picture diary, a couple of pencils and pens, pencil sharpener, crayons and color pencils, 500 yen worth of money, and two of her favorite juice boxes. Misuzu will be wearing her usual school uniform and white ribbon.
Link to an image of the character: Misuzu Kamio and her dinosaur~

Sample writing:

After she was done exploring the Temple, Misuzu decided to explore the new place she was now in, the one with the different sky and temple. It was a little weird being taken to another place. She clearly remembered Yukito walking her home from school, he was in a hurry to go somewhere, and after he was out of sight she headed back into her house to get started on cooking dinner, just in case her mom or Yukito came back hungry. However, she never quite reached her home. She only remembered darkness and waking up on top of the Temple steps with all of her belongings. Whatever happened between the time she was opening the door to her house and waking up was unknown, but she did know one thing -- she was scared.

No matter how beautiful her surroundings were, she was still scared and worried because she had a lot of questions and didn't recognized anything. Misuzu only hoped she could find any clues on where she was at the town she saw earlier from the temple. Maybe she was in a nearby town and can take a bus back home.

"Niha," laughed weakly Misuzu as she realized, "Mom and Yukito-san won't believe me if I told them." She couldn't help laugh a little at the reaction her mom will give her once she found her way back. Yukito might believe her, maybe. It wouldn't be too weird to get magically taken away to another town after the things they saw at the temple with Kano and the mysterious white feather. Anything is possible. At least, Misuzu now believed it was after that night.

Reaching the final steps down the mountain, Misuzu turned back to take a final look at the Temple she left behind, wondering if she was making a mistake of leaving. "....I wonder if I should go back. Yukito-san might be looking for me. He might be here, too. I couldn't be the only one brought here." She holds a trembling hand over her chest, her gaze turning a bit soft, it was difficult not to think about everyone from back home. "Why would anyone bring me here? I'm not really interesting..." Hopefully, Yukito and the others were brought here because she didn't want to be alone in a strange place. It was scary to be alone without any friends, so it was even scarier to be completely alone. "...I don't want to be alone."

Yukito's words began to ring into her ears: Just keep smiling.

"Oh?" Her heart began to skip a beat at Yukito's word. He wanted her to smile, no matter what. He wouldn't want to see her like this, either. She couldn't let her fear get the best of her especially now. Misuzu needed to be strong and move forward like she always had. Misuzu was determined to find her way back. "Yeah. I need to be strong. Mom and Yukito-san are waiting for me. I should hurry!"

Quickly, she turned towards the path ahead of her, a bright smile finding their way to her lips; Misuzu was finally ready to go forward. Taking the first step towards a bright future, she loses her balance and falls into the ground without warning, face first. "G-gao." She should have been more careful, but it was a welcoming distraction. A dirt filled smile found her way to her lips as she rose her head. "Nihaha. I'm glad no one saw that."

Sample journal entry:

[The transmission begins, at first, as an audio transmission rather than a video one. It seems the owner behind the device hasn't gotten used to it, just yet.]

No, that isn't the right button, either. [Pause. The sound of buttons being pressed will be heard as she says "Gaooooo" out loud.] It's on. I know it is. But, I don't see anything on it, though. [It gets quiet.] I wonder if it works... [Pause.] Will anyone be able to hear me? I hope Mom and Yukito-san are okay. It's a little scary being alone in a strange place. It feels different from home. Even the sky is different.

[Without any explanation, Misuzu finally finds the video option of her device, so her viewers will be able to see the temple's structure which catches her attention.]

Oh! I can see now! [Finally. Success!] Great! Now I can finally ask for help.

[Awkwardly, she'll turn the device towards her as best as she can, so a side of her face is easily seen while wearing a school uniform, it may be familiar to a certain someone(s).] Niha! It's a little hard for one person to use the camera, you can't tell if anyone will be able to see you okay.

[Once she felt comfortable holding the camera, she began to wear the best smile on her lips.]

If anyone can see me -- Good afternoon! My name is Misuzu, Kamio Misuzu. Umm...I don't know where I am. This temple isn't like the one from back home. It's very different. [She tilts her head, curiously.] Does anyone know where I am? Or how I got here? Anything will be fine. I just want to find my way home. Mom will worry if I'm not back before she does.

[And the feed ends.]
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